Digital Alchemy specializes in Digital Imaging Technician (D.I.T.) services and rental.  In today's rapidly changing technologies it is important that you have a qualified technician on set that is versed in the latest cutting edge technologies.


 - Live "hot" on-set LUTs (look up tables) and color correction

- "Cold" LUTs

- Apple TV & iPad Dailies

- Transcodes for editorial

- "Instantlies" Service

- Data Managment

- 24 terabytes of thunderbolt data managment storage space & LTO5 tape archival

- Specializing in Sony, Arri RAW, uncompressed, and Red R3D workflows.



We are scalable.  No matter how big or small the job we have the gear to get the job done.

Apple 12-core work station: w/ Intel Xeon processors, 32 GB of RAM, 4TB internal RAID, 24 TB external shock-mounted RAID, and LTO5 tape archival. Deck extreme link 3D video card, 4 lane 3gps eSata, mini SAS, Thunderbolt connectivity ensures the fastes download times, color grading, and turnaround times possible. Specialized for Sony SR codec, Sony RAW, Arri RAW, r3D Red RAW, and uncompressed workflows.  This box is the "hummer" of all on-set boxes and can cut through just about anuything you can throw at it.

Apple 8-core work station: w/ Intel Xeon processors, 16 GB of RAM, 12TB external mini SAS RAID,eSata, Redrocket card.  Designed to be lighter than the 12-core and geared more tword RED camera projects.  This system will power through Red footage  quickly and efficiently.

Apple 8-core laptop / Mobile Rocket: A mobile rocket solution that allows you to download and transcode in tight situations.  When you need a light, portable solution, this is it.  Also a great alternative for downloading Alexa, prores files.

"Instantlies" Service:  Get immediate "instantlies" with our state of the art PIX240 transcoding system.  The PIX can transcode any flavor of prores or DNxHD file instantly.  This system is perfect for on-set editorial situations that require extremely fast turn-around times.


"Instantlies" System:Provides either DNxHD or Prores for proxy editing or 1080p finishing. PIX 240 mounted on Red Epic.

Mobile Rocket System w/ 24TB Thunderbolt RAID system.